skircoat green Alotments bring many 
benefits - so hands off

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I must respond to Peter Green’s letter in the Courier under the heading “Could allotment land be the answer to Skircoat’s parking problems?”
My answer is an emphatic NO!
What a bombastic and scathing letter against an allotment and a stab in the back to his neighbours and Skircoat residents, many of whom, are plot holders down there.
Surely Peter must recognise the benefits to Skircoat that they bring including the well documented fact that they promote good health for individuals engaged in it’s activities in the fight against obesity.
I live alongside the allotments, as well as being a plot holder with my wife, and witness every day in the growing season the activities of whole families and the general camaraderie and good feelings promoted among the gardeners as they help each other out. Isn’t this what the community spirit is all about?
There are scores of us and a long waiting list and much good quality produce is grown to be given to relatives, friends and neighbours and any surplus is often given to the allotment summer stall to sell onto the public at a reasonable price which is hugely popular.
All of this must be for the good of Skircoat.
Do I want to live alongside a 24 hour car park. Certainly not and I suggest neither would Peter. 
The allotments also act as a giant soakaway and is on the same slope down to the hospital as St. Albans Road where Peter lives. The bottom of his road often floods 
Say no more. Also we are reminded by the experts that the less tarmacing we do to gardens and green sites the better.
So hands off our allotments!

Roger Mannings.