Skircoat roadworks were a folly

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I would like to add my support to the excellent letter, “All we needed was a zebra crossing” by Mrs J K Mitchell-Smith with regards to the road alterations in Skircoat Green.

The points she made were spot on, in particular the alteration at the top of Godfrey Road, an accident waiting to happen for the vehicle coming from Halifax and turning down Godfrey Road. The alterations would have been bad enough in boom times, but in the present economic climate can only be described as complete folly. This is a complete waste of the tax payers money, and those responsible for this decision should be given a right rollicking, and as the lady says there is no improvement whatsoever. I spoke to one of the workmen on the job and complimented him on the standard of work being done, I also told him that this was a complete waste of money, his reply and I quote, “Ah yes, but you know that this is being paid for by the parking meters” (no doubt a directive given from his bosses). We have here another example (we have seen it all before) that the lunatics are indeed still running the asylum.

John B Thwaite

Skircoat Green