Sniping remarks will not beat us

THIS week came the news that Sussex and England cricketer - Mike Yardy had to return from the cricket world cup to be treated for depression. An illness that also brought to a premature end the career of international Marcus Trescothic.

Former cricketer Mike Atherton stated that “People are more grown up about this debilitating illness.” I doubt that very much considering the sniping, brainless comments of Geoff Boycott (imagine the outcry if jokes had been made about his throat cancer). So why depression?

As a small child, four decades ago, I grew up with a mum who suffered mental illness and had done since before either myself or sister were born. Before the menopause she also suffered migraine (another illness that in some ill-informed quarters is seen as a “pull your socks up” illness).

Unfortunately I inherited both. I clearly remember the snide looks and comments my mother received from supposedly “caring” neighbours of many years standing in our rural Calderdale hilltop community. It has stayed with me all through my life.

Eighteen months ago, and a further eighteen months after an unplanned return to Calderdale after years away, I became the victim of this uncaring community who turned on someone they had known most of their lives like a pack of wild dogs. Shame on them.

They know who they are and I want them to know - I’m still standing, stronger than ever. They didn’t destroy me, neither will depression and thank God for the caring people in this life, who still exist (though harder to find), including my own mother, because after all, “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”

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