So why knock things down?

Emscote Grove


“WHY WHY” are our council wanting to pull Northgate buildings down and perhaps the bus station.

Where will they put these buildings, albeit if they do replace them or will be be a town without a library like we have been without a cinema? Another bowling alley when we have a perfect one already in town.

Woolshops was short of a roof, but then there was that monstrosity in Westgate. It looks a bit like Disney World. I think Primark would be welcomed by people that have young children growing up. As Primark has some really nice clothes for children but after saying that if we didn’t have an M&S, and Roger Harvey, we wouldn’t have anything, only charity shops.

The Piece Hall could have a skating rink and somewhere for skateboards. Our lovely Victorian Market could do with a lick of paint. Last but not least, about all the cuts we have to make, why not start at the top, ie, the councillors.

Enough said.

E Williams