Someone has stolen our lovely, irreplaceable Buster

Buster missing since 21st March . . . . possibly stolen?
Buster missing since 21st March . . . . possibly stolen?
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I WOULD like to wish the family of missing Ernie, the parrot, every bit of luck in finding him (Courier, August 4). I am only too well aware of the misery and helplessness you feel when a much loved pet goes missing.

Would you be kind enough to do me the same favour and appeal for my missing, possibly stolen, much loved cat on the front page of the Courier.

On the Monday morning of March 21 we went shopping. We left at 9 am and got back at 12 noon. The first thing we noticed were the plants were gone from the front of our house. We soon realised that Buster our very friendly 12-year-old black and white cat was also gone.

Despite many ads in our local papers, posters in shops, etc. Contacting every vets from Todmorden to Halifax and reporting him to the RSPCA, Cats Protection, and Howarth Cats, we’ve had no luck in getting him back.

The only person who knows where he is, is the person who stole him along with my plants. The police only wanted to know how much the plants were worth.

I can replace them, but never Buster. I enclose pictures and details and would greatly appreciate your readers’ help.

Missing since Monday, March 21 between 9 am and 12 noon.

Buster, neutered male cat, very friendly, 12 years old, black with white paws, chin, chest, tummy and whiskers, v-shaped nicks out of both earts.

Some teeth missing after dental work done in January.

Mrs Carolyn Eidson

Calder Brook, Hebden Bridge