Someone liked my work so much - they took it

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I need some advice, please.As part of the Halifax Arts Festival,which is happening this week, I have been joining a small but friendly group of folks at Square Chapel throughout the month of June.

We have been creating all sorts of things from wool as a celebration of the importance played by textiles in the development of our area. We have made colourful bunting, gardens and flowers, tiny collectors items, big wraps for trees and benches and pillars.These were fastened up late on Thursday afternoon in Woolshops and Piece Hall. As part of my contribution I made some knitted buns/cupcakes and stitched them to woollen plates. These were placed in two separate locations, near to cafes and cake shops. By Saturday morning they had gone.
Now here is my dilemma. Should I feel upset and mortally wounded that somebody thinks my efforts were such rubbish that they needed to be removed?
Or should I be highly delighted that someone likes my buns/cupcakes so much they just have to have them for themselves? It’s just a shame that they couldn’t be left alone so that other people could make up their own minds.

Sue Plant

Hill View Gardens