Sort out these Siddal rat-runs

Backhold Drive


I AM writing regarding the rat-run problems on our roads today.

I, as a resident of Siddal, am sick of the amount of traffic using the road from Elland up to Exley going down to Backhold Lane into Halifax between 8am and 9am. It is getting to be a problem crossing the road to catch a bus into town or whatever other reasons and I think we are waiting for an accident to happen.

Cars after 9am also tend to fly up and down the road like idiots. So I believe that it is time the council did something drastic about it now. Get some road humps from the bottom of Exley Bank right through to at least the Cross Keys public house, as they have done in other places like Illingworth. That way it would cut down on speeding and the amount of drivers using the road as a rat-run.

The road humps would make our road a lot safer.

If anyone else from Siddal agrees, come on, write in and let’s get it sorted out now! D Pittam