Speeding is top issue in this village


Most Councillors will tell you that their ‘stock-in-trade’ is speeding and dog mess and as such it is possible to become hardened to these issues.

But, in relation to the former, if Warley Ward is anything to go by then it really is time that there was a concerted effort to curb this dangerous and anti social behaviour. 
The recent SID results [Speed Indicator Device] show that the speed of vehicles using Moor End and Roils Head Roads [30mph limit] consistently average well in excess of 30mph with a maximum not far short of 60mph! SID is said to “provide a non-confrontational warning to drivers, warning them of their speed via an LED display and putting social pressure on them to decrease speed when required”. Unfortunately its readings cannot be used to prosecute the offending drivers. However, when figures reach these levels then there is a “possibility of enforcement by the Police”.
I’m sorry but in my opinion, when the figures reach these levels, there must be enforcement by the Police. Talking to residents on the doorstep, in the street and at ward forums it is clear this is a major issue, not least because residents have had three cars written off when parked outside their own houses by these idiots. The response from both the Highways & Engineering Department and the local Police provokes sympathy but references to budget limitations. Whilst as a Councilor, who was until recently in the Cabinet which had to set a reduced budget for the last three years, I understand budget restrictions but we really must find a way to deal with the situation. I think that it is going to need a combined effort between the residents, local councillors, Highways & Engineering and the Police. I therefore intend to arrange a meeting in the ward very soon to discuss how we can begin this process. If anyone has any specific views or ideas relating to the problem and / or would like to be involved in this discussion please do not hesitate to contact me.

Coun Ashley Evans

Warley Ward