Splat! I blame filthy owner for my son’s mishap with strimmer

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I have read with interest your article ‘D-day for dog owners who fail to clean up after their filthy pets’ dated 06/03/2012. I completely agree with the article relating to the ever increasing issue of dog fouling.

I live in Taylor Lane, Bradshaw and over recent years this area has become ‘acceptable’ amongst the dog walking community for owners to bring their pets onto the road and allow them to foul outside peoples homes. I regularly see dogs fouling and owners stood close by with no plastic bag and no intention of cleaning up the mess. I regularly clean up mess at the end of my drive as all too often it ends up being transported down and into my house.

The culmination of this problem was last summer when my son was strimming the grass verge that runs along the side of our garden wall. Due to the length of the grass my son did not see where a dog had recently fouled and ended with dog mess all over his body and face from the strimmer. Not only was this a risk to his health no one should have to be subject to such an ordeal especially as it could have easily being avoided were it not for a dog owners laziness and disrespectfulness.

I have often caught dog owners doing this and have more recently started to challenge their actions. This has proved somewhat exhaustive as it does not seem to act as a deterrence to these people. I have even caught a woman who lives just off Taylor Lane bringing her dog onto our road and allowing it to foul and in turn choosing not to clean up after it. this highlights the fact that the area has become a ‘haven’ for dog owners to allow their dogs to do this.

I would like to point out that I myself was once a dog owner and it should not be the dogs who are labelled as being ‘filthy’ but rather their owners who choose not to clean up their pets mess.

I would request that the council do more to prevent this, after all we pay rates just the same as anybody else does.

Neill Shaw