Sport would suffer if we had to pay for injuries

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I wonder how many people, like me, breathed a sigh of relief when the Appeal Court overturned the County Court judgement against Calderdale Council for a £67,500 compensation claim by Paul Zoledziejewski following a football injury at Shelf Hall Park.

The towns making up Calderdale have a fantastic track record for participation in all forms of sport, for all age groups, going back decades.

Sure, everybody would like things to be better - pitches and changing facilities, but there is provision for all, whatever their sport.

I played sport all my life and have the broken fingers and missing knee cartilages to prove it.

However, never at any stage did I think that anybody should pay me any money for sporting accidents.

It seems like we live in a culture, actively promoted by a certain element in the legal profession, whereby any sort of an injury is worth pursuing for money.

If everybody claimed for sporting injuries, football pitches etc. would have to be maintained like bowling greens and the result would either be massive rises in Council Tax or, worse still, withdrawal of a massive element of local sporting provision.

That’s not to say I don’t feel sorry for Mr. Zoledziejewski, I don’t like to see anybody injured, but no amount of money can stop the injury happening after the event.

Philip Hellawell

Brighouse Wood Lane