Spring Hall plan raises questions

School scheme: Spring Hall area could be the site of a new sixth form centre
School scheme: Spring Hall area could be the site of a new sixth form centre

Having read the article in the Courier with regard to building a new school at Spring Hall I have started to wonder if the powers that be have got a touch of the sun. Although it would appear that the meeting to discuss the idea has already been held, I hope that the following relevant aspects of the scheme have been fully considered:

1) Where exactly on Spring Hall will the new-build be sited? 2) Bearing in mind that cricketing facilities were removed to allow the building of the athletics track, how will present facilities be affected (athletics track, bowling green, football field)? 3) What will happen to Spring Hall (An architectural beauty to be hidden by a modern monstrosity!)? 4) Where will replacement facilities of equal if not better standard, be provided for the sports facilities that will be disappearing? 5) Where will the parking be for the users and teachers, etc in the new Ravenscliffe? 6) Will the new development replicate and even improve on the facilities already available at Ravenscliffe? 7) What will the effect be on traffic on Huddersfield Road at the start and end of the school day? 8) As the Council seem to have (our) money to burn surely there is a better alternative site in Halifax, or is this council hell bent on architectural vandalism? 9) What affect will there be on the flow of traffic while this pie-in-the-sky scheme is being built should they continue with their grandiose scheme? 10) If the athletics track is untouched, what can be added to the development to enhance this facility?

Les Forester