Stick with campaign!

Super League Bid

I'm a lifelong Fax fan.

I think good ideas would be to produce car stickers to show we are backing the bid and other promotional items etc and maybe advertise on billboards or in the Courier and also pitchside at the Shay.

Dom Turner

Just to say that the perimeter fence along Skircoat Road and around the Shay is an absolute disgrace, surely the club must get this sorted quickly if Halifax want to get into Super League.

It is perfectly possible that all three championship clubs will succeed in their application, and maybe Wakefield will be the Super League casualties leaving a 16 club Super League. This would bring Super League in line with the NRL.

Fax deserve to get into Super League because they are only just outside the top four clubs in terms of potential support, and Super League is poorer without them.

Best of luck to Fax.

Scott Beswick