Stock up on those bulbs...

Woodlands Avenue


Many people may have noticed our traditional light bulbs being phased out; 75w light bulbs have already been banned with 60w to be banned by September this year.

Even though these bulbs have served us well since their invention it seems the EU has other ideas, EU Commission Regulation (EC) No 244/2009 outlawed the manufacture and import of incandescent (traditional) bulbs.

The EU claims this is because the new ‘energy saver’ bulbs are more efficient and environmentally friendly. Unfortunately this is not the case; in fact energy saving bulbs contain mercury, which traditional ones do not. Add to that the fact that energy saving bulb are known to cause migraines and skin irritation and burns to the skin if you are nearer than 30cm to the bulb – best not stand up in your living room then! You also are not permitted to put energy bulbs in your bin as they’re toxic, not very environmentally friendly really.

You will not be able to obtain traditional bulbs soon so my advice is to stock up on them while you can or life could become a bit of a headache, literally. Jason Smith

UKIP Calderdale Chairman