Store occupation not part of TUC

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Andrew Tagg (Your say, April 1) should note that the essentially peaceful occupation of Fortnum and Mason’s on March 26 was nothing to do with the big TUC event, but was carried out by a group concerned with tax-payments, which ought to have opted for a separate day.

I write however, to denounce the right-wing media for their usual tactic of ignoring the peaceful fury of hundreds of thousands, over the Con/Dem coalition’s breach of election promises. Many of us have seen that the ‘anarchists’ who turn up like a bad penny at all big radical events are organised in a way that is incompatible with ‘anarchism’, and we suspect they are planted agents of the media, there to distract public opinions! (Plus, of course, hooligans that are drawn in for the ‘pleasure’ of rioting!)

An old Church of England ‘official homily’ stresses that the perpetrators of injustice must share the blame for provoking destructive fury!

Frank McManus

Labour candidate, Stoodley Ward, Todmorden Town Council

Longfield Road