Strong feelings over demolition

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Plans for the new library has destroyed faith in Calderdale Council, the strong feelings of the decision to bulldoze Northgate House and the Library can be felt by reading a staggering ninety comments on the Halifax Courier website, all written on the same day as the article on the 1st of November.

So is it a surprise that the people of Calderdale have lost faith in our councilors? As it is clear that these plans for the new library weren’t drawn up overnight.

So this indicates that there are two possibilities as to the reason why such detailed plans appeared in the Courier, only a day after the council meeting which decided whenever or not to bulldoze Northgate House.

The first option is that the council has been wasting valuable money on commissioning Architects to design a new Library before the decision was made of what to do with Northgate House and the Library.

The second option is that the decision to demolish Northgate house was already made months, possibly years ago and the meeting on the 31st of October was a pathetic attempt to pull wool over our eyes and hide what really has been going on.

So either way the council has serious questions to answer?

So what has prompted the council to demolish the current library and build the replacement library on the site of the former Square church despite over 15,000 signatures on a petition to keep the library where it currently is?

Even though the site currently occupied by Burger king at the other side of the Industrial museum would be ideal suited for this new library as it would maximize the area available for development, something which Burger King fails to do.

It appears that the new library would be considerably smaller than the current one at Northgate.

So what will we have to lose to have the privilege of library further away from the town centre, could it possibly be the archives?

This does raise the question, was the real reason made to demolish the library as well as Northgate house in an attempt to get rid of the archives for good?

What is democracy when the council turns its back on the people they are supposed to serve?

Michael Bradley