Students have to accept work for a regular income

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I have followed the story about the arts student who has been complaining about having to work in Poundland in order to receive benefits.
I’m sorry, but I don’t have a lot of sympathy. In our lives, we have to accept the work given to us, and we should be grateful for a regular income. Unfair exploitation of the poor is something God is particularly angry about- read all about that in the Bible!
In this context, I am pleased to see the London Mayor is encouraging employers to pay a living wage.
The nation is still in a financial disaster, and despite what politicians say, they have not begun to address the problems faced by ordinary people and the nation as a whole.
I am cynical enough to think the don’t have any idea or are deliberately making life difficult.
I have ventured the idea that JSA should be scrapped, and instead work be carried out by unemployed people, and they be paid a proper living wage paid for by the government (us!). This would benefit us all.
There are still plenty of craftsmen about who could teach people useful crafts like dry stone walling, recycling by collecting discarded items etc. could be carried out, thus tydying up the enviroment.
Unhappily this would require unselfish thought and organisation, by polititians who appear incapable of organising a booze up in a brewery, or a prayer meeting in the Vatican! It seems they are capable of positive action when it comes to claiming expenses!

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road,