Students were great ambassadors for town

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I was on a visit to Lancashire, from Canada, I was with my brother and his wife in Burnley at the Queen Street mill heritage site where I met four lovely young ladies from Halifax. An old tackler was talking to me about the old fashioned looms in the weaving shed when these young ladies appeared.

There was one old loom fixed up so that he could run it if someone requested it.

I asked him to run it so that we could all see it in operation.

This one loom was situated at the edge of the weaving shed and it would have employed 200 weavers when Burnley was King Cotton.
I also used to be a tackler in Nelson and Haslingden in the 50s and 60s, and I lived at 24 Barracks Road, Burnley, for the first 10 years of my life.

The young ladies told me that they were schoolgirls, students from Halifax and were on a tour to visit this mill.

I asked them if they would mind having their photograph taken with me, they all said yes and I was pleased.

When you get to be my age at almost 85 years you can ask cheeky questions to a lady.

The man running the one loom took the picture and you can see from the enclosed photograph what wonderful ambassadors to Halifax they are.
We wished each other the best and said our goodbyes, and I never asked them their names.

Rowland Farrer.