Stupid cheap shots over the Shay!

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Springwood Drive



This is a backlash in relation to a statement made by a certain sad Mr Ward in ‘Your say’ on March 29.

I am a die hard FC Halifax Town and found his comments in relation to the recent Shay stadium losses Stupid. To call our rugby and football teams ‘glorified amateurs’.

You’re obviously not interested in the success of our Halifax teams and are more interested in moaning and having a cheap shot like most people in your variety! Don’t accuse the teams of not paying rent and meaning the reason of the £100,000, you have no idea of the wide picture just like any of the public.

Why not look at bad management.

For example the ridiculous price of a pint inside the stadium. It scares most away and keeps the majority of the supporters in local pubs till 5 minutes before kick off.

On a brighter note, I am a Shayman till I die and we will be back to back Champions!

Mr John Taylor