Subsidies to pay for whims of Council

I have just returned from holiday to read the bold and very accurate observations of the recent activities of Calderdale Council, made by J Anderson (February 3). The letter says it all!

The savage, aggressive way Elland Baths was closed epitomises all the methods by which the council achieves its goal.

It is by lies and sheer bullying and completely ignoring the cries of opposition of the very people whom it is supposed to represent - no democracy whatsoever!

The same tactics had been adopted over the hideous Broad Street site. They will continue to bulldoze their own way over Northgate House and the Library and the Piece Hall.

They slyly imposed a £1 levy on tickets at the Victoria Theatre to pay for the Shay (a completely different form of entertainment).

I am not interested in activities held there, but the money has to be paid or I cannot go to the concert!

Now there’s the imposition of parking fees for Shibden Park. It will be Manor Heath and People’s Park next!

We cannot even recreate ourselves in this town without having to subsidise the whims dreamed up in the confines of Calderdale Council’s chambers.

It makes one’s blood boil!

Shirley Garnett

Sunnybank Road