Sugar Ray enjoyed his chips!

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I am the owner of Brackenbed Fisheries, at Pellon Halifax.

On Monday 18th of March at approx 12.30, I looked up above the frying range, and suddenly there was a big queue starting to form. I wondered what was going on? Suddenly amongst the crowd, I recognised a very famous face. The face was the one and only legend of boxing Sugar Ray Leonard! As Sugar Ray approached the counter, he said with a beaming smile “This is different!”. Then he shook my hand and wished me happy birthday. It was my birthday and what a present! With Sugar Ray’s entourage and custumers the shop was full. Sugar Ray stayed for 45 minutes and talked with staff and had photos taken with quite a few customers. Some of the stories he told were awesome and mentioned some big fights, ie. Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler, it was pure magic! Sugar Ray even had fish and chips, he said for the first time and said they were very nice. It was a truly wonderful birthday present to meet a living legend, and a true gent. I owe my friend who was a part of Sugar Ray’s entourage, a large portion of fish and chips. It was him that organised it all!

Mark Kosanovic

Springhall Lane