Sure fire way to reverse the cuts

Yet again global meltdown is beckoning and nobody knows how to stop it. Except one man, sadly dead, who has left us his golden legacy, Major C H Douglas.

I invite readers to Google his name and read his ideas.

In essence Major Douglas realised, in the 1920’s, that worker’s incomes were too low to purchase their total output. He realised the shortfall in purchasing power was coming from the banks who create money – and interest bearing debt!

The solution is simple. The Government should take control of creating money – interest free – and use it for social good. Major Douglas proposed each individual should receive a National Dividend.

Economists fear this would create inflation. A pressure group I invite everyone to join states that only the Bank of England should have this power, politicians only being told how much they can spend. I calculate this would be about £90 billion a year – enough to reverse the cuts.

Ironically, this was done in America with huge success. Then someone told the banks in England who forced through an Act of Parliament banning it. America’s young economy collapsed and the War of Independence followed. Check it yourself.

Robert Reynolds

Dixon House