Swimming is still a wonderful exercise

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This evening I have attended a meeting at the Wainwright Hall, Elland in order to discuss the future of Elland Baths - the meeting was well attended however the majority of people there were from the older generation of folk from Elland and the surrounding areas.

I have been a user of Elland baths for around 34 years having lived in Elland all my life, learning to swim under the watchful eye of Mrs Smith.

The younger generation of today have a whole load of technology at their fingertips, when I was young we played out, read a book, went swimming or if we were extremely lucky attended the Saturday Matinee at The Rex.

Although times are changing swimming is still a life saving skill as well as wonderful exercise and if we don’t use the baths they will not survive - obviously once they are gone that’s it and all the complaining in the world won’t alter a thing.

It would seem many people are passionate about saving the baths and probably a great many more people who will miss them if they do go but we need to act now to save them.

Mrs N Holdsworth