System needed to address anomalies

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I notice from your front page article (along with a rather flattering photograph of the Halifax MP) on 8 March, you are clearly supporting the Labour Party’s current anti-government campaign over what is dubbed “Bedroom Tax”.

The Labour Party sees this as their spring attack on the Conservatives (sorry Tories!) but note how their attention is targeted to benefit recipients rather than those families trying to support themselves through employment and paying their dues in tax and NI. Notice their clear attention is based upon those who are on benefits as they see them as their core vote. If your aim is to try and buy your home, bring up your family to respect the laws and rules of life and perhaps save a bit for old age then you can forget the Labour Party as your “friend”. Public sector spending went through the roof under Labour and the NHS (yes that which is above reproach) had its budget almost trebled under Labour without any real increase in results! About a million more were added to the public sector pay role to achieve what? Ticking boxes about how many BME employees your company had? Many working people have had pay freezes or even pay reduction to keep their jobs over the last few years while benefits have gone up every year. If a system to redress the anomalies annoys where Labour see their core vote (and nobody denies that anyone in real need should be supported in law) then that sums up where their priorities lie!

Coun Roger Taylor

(Con) Northowram and Shelf