Take extra care with your wagtails

Clive Brook's chaffinch
Clive Brook's chaffinch
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I FEEL I must correct you on the captions for two of the “Picture of the Day” features this week.

On Wednesday 4th April you showed a picture from Clive Brook and quoted him as saying this was a male bullfinch.

I am afraid to say that he was wrong. This is a fine male chaffinch. Bullfinches have a much deeper pink breast, a black head and a white rump.

Tonight (Friday 6th April) you published a photo from Alan Forrest saying that it is a yellow wagtail. Yellow wagtails are migrant birds and have not yet arrived in this area. This is quite clearly a grey wagtail in its characteristic habitat of flowing water.

Bird watching is an absorbing hobby and to get close-up pictures is wonderful but you must make sure that they are properly identified so that newcomers to the subject do not start with misconceptions.

Dr Lesley Lord

Skircoat Green