Take the debate out to forums

I SPENT Tuesday night at the Town Hall listening to Cllr Barry Collins and Dr John Hargreaves give their reasons for moving or not, the Central Library.

With added debate given by many members of the public, from existing retailers and passionate library users, gave me much to think about.

The pros regarding the new retail vision for Northgate and the cons of moving the library to the Piece Hall?

However what about demolishing both Northgate House and the Central Library and rebuild the library on the site of Northgate House?

During demolition the stone cladding and any other redeeming features could be saved and used on the new building, the foundations of Northgate House could be used thereby making a saving on ground works.

Failing this a brand new library could be built integrated into the retail development with creche provision for busy parents seeking retail therapy?

Bus Station, Library, and new Northgate Retail, a possible alternative to the Piece Hall option.

Chris O’Connor

Hipperholme and Lightcliffe

PS I hope both Cllr Collins and Dr Hargreaves will bring this issue out to the Ward Forums as many people from beyond the confines of Halifax make use of this facility.