Target top National Lottery prizes - not ticket costs


I’m sure that whoever dreamt up the recent changes to the National Lottery hasn’t a clue what they are doing.

In these austere times when money is so tight they are asking people to pay double for their attempts to escape into a more affordable way of living. 
For every line on the lottery ticket we now have to pay £2 instead of £1 as before (incidentally BBC news are announcing this as £2 per ticket - they really must get their facts right!). I’m all for the increase in prize monies at the lower end but this should be at the expense of the multi-million top prize money and not at the cost of the ticket. I don’t think everyone aspires to be a multi-millionaire, but of course a nice windfall is most people’s aim. As an example of the affects of these changes, I currently buy two lottery tickets to cover both Wednesday and Saturday draws. The total cost was £28 but now it will rise to £56. As a pensioner, I would be mad to pay this in future - I might as well keep the money in my pocket and treat it as a saving of £56 per week! In fact, I will cut out the mid-week lottery and just do Saturdays! (The reason I buy two tickets is because I attempt to trap the drawn numbers in a plan I have worked out (a sort of hobby). If most people are similarly affected these alternatives would result in either an overall reduction in people playing the Lottery or a reduction in people playing the mid-week lottery - not what I think was the object of these, lack of forethought, changes.

Harry Thompson,