Teachers are right to strike this time

The whole point of a strike is to cause chaos!

And too right the teachers are striking when children should be in school.

What would be the point of striking when the children are not there.... who would care then?

I am not a big believer in striking but on this occasion I am one of those parents who will need to take a day off work as two of my children will be off school, but for the first time I back them on this occasion.

The teachers, lecturers and anybody else effected by this pension deserve a reward for what they do.

Imagine it this way... you give me £10,000 to save, and I give you back £5,000.

How would you feel? That is exactly what is happening with the pension.

They pay more a month and see hardly anything in return... certainly not enough to live off when they evenually reach retirement age?

Whatever age the government sees fit.

Jo Denny and Steven Morley