Tesco is coming but I’ll walk on by

'Potential bottleneck': The Site of the Tesco Express, Leeds Road, Hipperholme
'Potential bottleneck': The Site of the Tesco Express, Leeds Road, Hipperholme

Since approval was granted in 2008 for the new retail development in Hipperholme there were never going to be six independent traders to fill six units as the village already has every type of shop to meet most needs.

So, it was always likely to be one retailer...we now hear it’s Tescos. 
I read the newspaper article saying they weren’t wanted or needed, but by that stage I understand the lease had been signed as a done do. 
All resistance is futile is another saying that springs to mind.
The private developer can’t be held to account for their arrival as he has invested a lot of money, in a difficult economic climate, to build a retail unit which had full planning permission. I’m sure any tenant was welcome. 
Tescos seem to try to be all things to all people, there is not the diversity and character than comes with an independent shop. 
The village is already adequately served by the long established Co-Op. 
Now the potential problem..there are, rightly, double yellow lines all alongside the shop. 
I understand Tesco applied to have these removed, without success. 
Anyone travelling along Leeds Road towards the crossroads may just be tempted to pull in for their paper, flowers, alcohol,toothpaste, toiletries, cards, stamps, fish, sweets and whatever else and not walk the few yards over the road where these are all provided by specialists in a lovely parade of shop . 
In doing this they will potentially cause a bottleneck and impede the flow of traffic on the approach to the crossroads. 
Visible signs and perhaps enforcement of these lines may become necessary.
Anyway, like it or not Tescos is coming, I think they have descended on nearly every town in the country so why not all the villages too? 
I for one will be walking along ,and shopping in the parade of shops as always.

Mr M Clements