Thank the church for the Street Angels

Jubilee Road

Siddal, Halifax

FURTHER to my letter “Origin of hospital is thanks to church,” (Your say, 23 February), another church-based Halifax pioneered is Halifax Street Angels.

I understand this group was set up by Halifax Churches Together and it helps people who are in no fit state to get home on Friday and Saturday after nights out of over- indulgence in alcohol.

No doubt the motive for this group’s work comes from the belief Jesus cares for everybody and wants to save us all from ourselves.

To repeat, this pioneering venture that was started in Halifax, has been copied in 70 other towns and cities and has helped to bring down crime and anti-social behaviour by big percentages.

It also helps to free police to do their more important work.

The setting up of the NHS was not out of state largesse, but due to the observation by a former Archbishop of Canterbury who was appalled by the helpless poverty he observed, and knew from his Christian beliefs that something had to be done.

One of his friends, Lord Beveridge was a powerful politician who brought in the Welfare State.

With the mess this country is in it looks as if the good things brought in by the Welfare State will be dismantled and if people want services then the people will have to provide for ourselves.

If services are to be provided by newly redundant unemployed people, I hope the State will provide means to buy food.

If this scenario comes about, I hope the people will not be continually ripped off by providers who, to date are making obscene profits despite saving huge amounts of money by getting rid of productive workers.

Graham Rigby