Thank-you for your kind, true words

I FELT I must put pen to paper, even though at a very sad time for me. I would like to say thank you to Yoursay letter writers, Steve Webster and Mary McClurg, for their kind and true words spoken of my late mum, Heather Terry.

Reading your letters made me shed some tears, along with all the many cards and personal letters we received from many people during our sad loss.

My Mum will be looking down on us and still putting the world to rights and no doubt disagreeing on a lot of things. We will miss her many letters that she took time in putting together and liked us to read them when they were printed; and she would also save them in a box which we will keep and treasure like she did.

We will keep on reading the Yoursay page, because that’s what my mum loved about her Courier. I would like to thank the Halifax Courier for printing my mum’s many letters over the years and also recent ones since her passing and thank you to everyone for their kind and caring support shown to my mum and her family.

Support has meant so much to us and my mum would have been so proud if she were here, like she was of her family and many friends. We were proud to have her for our mother. You were the best mum, RIP.

Michelle Allchin

Albert Road