Thay have all left debt behind


I was sorry to read that our locally respected Lib.Dem Council leader Janet Battye voted with the Tories, as did most of her group, when Calderdale Council agreed to disapprove of the Cameron-Clegg Bedroom Tax.

She is reported (April 26) to have said that benefit-reform by national government is “designed in part to help reduce the debt that the last Labour Government left when it lost the last election in 2010”. In fact every government for well over a century has left a national debt to its successor, and this includes the Liberal ones of Bannerman, Lloyd George and even Gladstone who, in the 19th century, did try to reduce it. The ‘bona fides’ of the Coalition faced with the deficit caused by deviant bankers, not by Gordon Brown as she implies, are called in question by Mr Osborne’s reduction of top income tax from 50% to 45%, in the wake of Thatcher’s reduction from 83% which clearly failed to stabilise our ship of state. Coalition sincerity is further called in question by the extra Bank Holiday last June, which harmed our gross national product (GNP) and by the Tory military procession to the funeral of the above-named Boardroom Boadicea who, unlike our Queen and many other young women, didn’t join up for the closing stages of World War 2. May her iron legacy rust in peace!

Coun Frank McManus

Longfield Road