The Elland and Greetland Parkway!

With reference to the article by Stephen Waring of HADRAG, regarding the proposed new station to serve Elland, I would like to suggest an alternative site to the one proposed at Lowfields Way, which Stephen concedes is some way out of the town centre.

My suggestion would be to locate the new station at the site of the former Greetland station, accessed from Stainland Road.

Much of the west side of Elland would be as close to this location as the proposed site at Lowfields, but in addition it would be better placed to serve Greetland itself, West Vale and communities up to Stainland.

This site is particularly well served by local bus services from Elland, Greetland and Stainland towards Halifax.

I have had some correspondence with Norman Kemp, a former stationmaster at the former Elland station, and he is of the opinion that the West Vale site is the best option, and could accommodate a park and ride facility.

A possible name for a new station on this site could be Elland and Greetland Parkway.

W Morris

Palace House Road

Hebden Bridge