The fat cat is out of the bag . . .


I don’t recall anyone “telling Sid” when Mrs Thatcher proposed gas-privatisation that price rises, one after the other, and way above inflation, would follow. I do recall that when she defeated Michael Foot and Labour in 1983 as a result of votesplitting by the Liberal-SDF misalliance, I put a picture of her smart-suited Cabinet on my stairway wall, with this verse by Chesterton as caption:

“What though they come with scroll and pen, 
And grave as a shaven clerk,
By this sign you shall know them -
That they ruin and make dark.”
There it remains; and so do today’s Tories - for they who brought the lamentable looters of 2011 to trial and prison overnight, then claimed that it would take eight years to rein in the greedy Bankers who had caused the 2008 collapse, are dragging their heels on even that timid target.
Mr Cameron’s Chancellor George Osborne is about to spend £1 million of taxpayers’ money on legal action to try and ward off the EU’s capping of bonuses for that stratum of financiers. The fat cat is out of the bag; the Coalition is in cahoots with the delinquent “financial-predation industry”; and we must look elsewhere for adequate monetary justice.

Coun Frank McManus

Labour, Todmorden Town Council