The least suitable location for a cemetery

It seems the issue of a municipal cemetery at Lumbutts Methodist Chapel is not dead and the Council, or more accurately council officials, will not bury it.

There are many reasons why there is continuing opposition from the majority of residents of the village and its neighbour, Mankinholes to the creation of a municipal cemetery alongside the chapel and graveyard.

These have been voiced in hard won forums where our local councillors appear to understand the arguments but, and I have not been the only one to feel that.

Officials give lip service to acknowledging our concerns and have not been serious in pursuing the alternative sites that have been proposed for consideration.

Throughout Calder Valley there are many examples of chapels built to serve the small local hilltop communities.

Lumbutts Methodist Chapel, built in 1814, is typical and was built to serve the local residents. The existing graveyard was designed to support the community it serviced at that time.

It is already faced with additional demands by virtue of the vastly increased population on the hillside. The municipalisation of the facility is completely inappropriate.

Whichever route is used for access to and through Lumbutts, all roads have significant natural restrictions, being winding, narrow, steep and with particularly difficult junctions.

If one was to describe the attributes of the least suitable location for a municipal cemetery, Lumbutts would be hard pressed not to satisfy them all.

So I ask our local councillors of all political persuasions to ensure that this proposal is given the last rights and laid to rest.

Bob Hannam