The long commute can have its benefits

As someone who commuted to work by train to central London for over 30 years I would like to reply to William Marshall’s “Alien way of life”, Courier, June 24.

Mr Marshall called the process of moving three quarters of a million people in and out of the capital on a daily basis “a weird daily migration” and I agree. I would not be surprised either if people were commuting from Calderdale now that the excellent Grand Central service is available.

With regards to the relocation of BBC staff to Manchester, my wife’s cousin is a BBC staff member and she has told us that she would rather resign than move to Salford, along with many other managers, and she is a native of Dublin!

If Mr Marshall had investigated the multi million pound relocation project further he may have learned that the chief executive, who has overall responsibility for it, lives in California. The ‘red top’ press had great delight in exposing this some time ago.

The attractions of the daily commute really are difficult to describe, but sometimes there is a breakthrough.

All I can say in their defence is that about 35 years ago I met an attractive and interesting fellow commuter of the opposite sex on the 17.35 fast service from Moorgate to Welwyn Garden City via Potter’s Bar. We celebrate our Pearl Wedding anniversary on September 9 this year.

Peter Holmes

Old Bank