The project has failed

Raw Lane


It was encouraging to hear Prime Minister Cameron state that Multicultural Britain is a failed project.

Simply put, we might live in a country that is made up of a multi-national/multi-ethnic mix, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that we don’t, and probably never will, live in a fully integrated multicultural community.

What we have are pockets of different cultures existing in close proximity, but, for most of the time, living separate lives according to different rules and expectations.

Mr Cameron might wish that everyone had the same outlook on life, but the fact is that different communities have strong ties to their own cultures and don’t necessarily want to integrate into a multi-ethnic mix. The very idea seems to suggest that there is something intrinsically deficient with their own culture or ethnicity.

This rule works both ways, and groups like the English Defence League have a genuine grievance and a understandable wish to protect their own ethnic identity. This group should not be suppressed, but their activities should remain non-violent.

You have to wonder why anybody who is wedded to the more extreme tenets of any religious group would wish to live in a country where the accepted way of life is almost entirely alien to their own culture and ideals.

If this debate is ever to be expanded before it is blown clean out of the water is yet to be seen, but at least we no longer have an immigration minister who refuses to accept that Britain had such a thing as an indigenous population; and hopefully we can move away from the American policy, whereby they call Christmas ‘Holiday’, simply for fear of offending the non-American cultures within their country.

The puerile attempts of political parties to win the ‘ethnic’ vote are extremely shallow and fool no one but the politicians who make them.

V Hodgkiss