The Shay - cabinet must come clean over these unanswered questions

Action from the Halifax Town v Hereford at The Shay
Action from the Halifax Town v Hereford at The Shay

Your recent articles concerning the potential sale of The Shay seem to leave a host of unanswered questions. In particular, I fail to understand exactly why the council’s Labour group appears hell-bent on throwing the stadium at the first person expressing an interest.

Although the bid has only recently been submitted to the council, it is clear that negotiations have been going on behind the backs of the current tenants for many months. It is of major concern that the financial figure being mentioned (£1.9 million) seems to have been plucked out of thin air, and that the stadium has not even been properly valued. The only justification for the amount seems to be that it would mean a decision can be made without involving the full council!
As for Councillor Swift’s continuing assertions about covenants and clauses “ensuring The Shay can only be used for sport”, they aren’t worth the paper they are written on. As an obvious example, there was a similar arrangement at Thrum Hall, and anyone can see what happened there. If the Cabinet do decide to sell the stadium to the latest in a succession of fly-by-nights, what happens when the new owner wants to sell? My guess is that the highest bidder would win the day, whoever they may be, and then what? If it really is the Cabinet’s wish to protect The Shay, why don’t they look to sell half to each of the existing tenants? This would ensure that neither could operate to the other’s disadvantage.
In the meantime, maybe the Labour group could enlighten us on where they intend spending all this money? There is without doubt a hidden agenda, and it’s about time the Cabinet came clean.

Kit Walton

Halifax Town 
Supporters’ Club