the shay Double standards towards amateurs and professionals

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With reference to the letter from Peter Broadley (February 21), I could not agree more regarding the monies owed to CMBC by the Halifax RLFC.
Being the secretary of a local football club I received recently a bill from a CMBC department “Safer & Greener” regarding a fine of £100 my club had incurred for failing to have switched off a wall heater at our home dressing rooms, which I admitted was true. In the original agreement all clubs in Calderdale are made aware of their responsibilities regarding this type of breach of agreement followed by the subsequent £100 fine along with the possibility that we could have our “contract” terminated along with the withdrawal of the pitch/dressing rooms immediately.
However seeing the comment in the Courier regarding the outstanding monies Halifax RLFC owed to CMBC followed by Peter Broadley’s letter, I pose the question why should our club have to pay this amount when Halifax RLFC have failed to pay the ground rent at the Shay (belonging to CMBC’)?

I pose the question - when will the rugby club be threatened with the withdrawal of the use of the Shay?
Surely this is what I describe as “double standards?

Steve Smith