The Shay plans

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Shaw Street

Holywell Green


As a regular contributor to ‘Your Say’, I remember writing on numerous occasions concerning the future plans to make The Shay Stadium a stadium of the modern day with a capacity of 10,000.

My comments at the time were that it would probably not happen in my life time, and as more time goes by on this white elephant my remarks are beginning to come true.

This was in 2006 when the property consultant Drivers Jonas working with Calderdale Councillors was an accident waiting to happen.

Supporters of both teams were living in cloud cuckoo land if they expected Halifax Rugby League team would be playing once again in Super League and Halifax Town as was would also be playing in the Football League.

Well, as the present shambles goes once again from bad to worse and debts are mounting, this white elephant should be kicked into touch.

The taxpayers of our town should be relieved once and for all of this burden. Councillor Colin Stouts’ suggestion of selling off this unfinished eyesore to a private investor (if one can be found) should happen sooner rather than later, as all monies that are being pumped into this failed project could be better used elsewhere.

But the way our Councillors continue to waste the local taxpayers monies on other failed projects, I won’t hold my breath, but get real 10,000 spectators at The Shay will never happen even if FC Halifax Blue Sox as they are now called and Bradford Bulls in the Challenge Cup are all added together.

I was a keen supporter of both clubs before the merger so there are no sour grapes here just acceptance of life in the real world.

Donald Leach