The Shay - the jewel in Halifax’s crown - should not be for sale

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Regarding the potential sale of The Shay Stadium. To keep it brief. Surely if Calderdale Council, only 5 years ago, thought it was a good idea to spend/invest possibly in excess of £6,000,000 in it , how on earth can it be common sense to accept an offer of (a reported) £1.5 or £1.8 million.

That is surely a waste of over £4 million in very quick time?
Calderdale Council has chosen to promote the area by deciding to host a Rugby League World Cup game in October – now it appears possible they want to sell the venue that they are using as a fundamental part of the promotion.
Unless The Shay is sold for in excess of £6 million then the Council should keep control of it and use it as the obvious asset it can be to All the residents of Calderdale.
If a private company thinks it can make money from it - and they wouldn’t be investing if they didn’t – what are they going to do that Calderdale Council aren’t? They need to look at the bigger picture.
It should be ‘The Jewel in the Crown” of Sport in the district and not sold for a quick one off windfall (however small.)
Mark A J Whiley