The unemployed are not all lazy loafers you know

Abbey Walk South


After wading through the usual stereotypical views of Feature Writer: Pauline Hawkins (Courier Tuesday February 22) “Time to end shame by sharing out work”, I noted one or two valid points about barriers to finding employment.

However I doubt a Sabbatical register would work, mainly because it would aim at experienced qualified professionals.

I don’t think care workers, shop assistants, office cleaners could afford the luxury of a sabbatical to “find themselves and very few long terms unemployed people could fill such gaps.

Possibly written tongue in cheek with a supposed hint of humour but I find it sad that P Hawkins frequently writes in such a derogatory way about the unemployed.

Her article, as usual, demonizes the long term unemployed, her inference that they are all lazy loafers (her words) who drop beer cans in gutters is extremely insulting to the many men and women who try as they will can not find employment.

I personally have never been unemployed indeed I was fortunate to work to age 64 but I know many people who fill out dozens of applications each month for jobs, some attend for interview only to be told “unsuccessful sorry there were a hundred applicants’ .

Hawkins article again suggests in a punitive way, that fit for work people should pick litter or sweep streets.

By all means if litter needs picking and streets need cleaning then let us have proper jobs, properly paid and contracted. It’s very easy to sit in an Ivory Tower pronouncing on societies ills when those ills do not affect you or yours directly.

I note in this weeks feature (March 1) P Hawkins airs her unhappy views of Wills and Kate, and Princess Anne comes in for some stick for being frugal. Does this writer have a good word to say about anyone?

June Jones