These are pedestrian zones - enforce them

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To add to the letter printed last week regarding drivers ignoring obvious road signs along Market Street, the answer is simple - if you go to the expense of putting up signs, you need to follow it up with constant enforcement.

There are 3 main pedestrian areas in the town centre:-

1) If you drive along Commercial Street from the Silver Street end, you have to go up George Street - the road past the Post Office is clearly signed PEDESTRIAN ZONE

2) If you drive down Rawson Street and turn right onto Commercial Street, you have to drive straight on - a left turn down King Edward Street is clearly signed PEDESTRIAN ZONE

3) If you drive along Market street from Horton Street, you have to turn right down Westgate - the road along the bottom of the market is clearly signed PEDESTRIAN ZONE

These pedestrian zones are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week but if you walk round these areas at any time, you will see a constant stream of cars driving through as if the signs didn’t exist. One day a pedestrian will be knocked down - I am surprised it hasn’t happened already.

Enforce these areas or take the signs away - no problem

Dave Brown

Moor End Road