They are driving me round the bend

The roundabout at Orange Street, Halifax
The roundabout at Orange Street, Halifax
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May I suggest that your paper runs some type of road use awareness scheme please. Oh wait, we have one of those already - it is known as a driving test!

Perhaps we need to canvass drivers in Halifax to ask them why they don’t understand how to navigate the Orange Street roundabout, since the Plaza opened. Then, when we find out what their issue is, we can address it - if necessary, we can make changes to lane markings or if the problem turns out to be driver error, we can remove driving licences and ask people to use the bus! It totally foxes me to see so many drivers weaving between lanes, unsure where to go and how to navigate the roundabout.
 A tip for these drivers, if you are not sure what lane leads where since the changes came into force - have a look at the lines painted on the road! The nice contractors have been kind enough to give you guidelines to follow. Hense, when approaching from the A629, Keighley Road, if you wish to go left (Bradford) or straight forward, approach in the left lane of the dual carriage way, signal appropriately and use the lines to guide you, tunnel fashion, into and out of the roundabout. Be aware, when proceeding into town that there is now a new left hand lane on the roundabout, after the first exit to Bradford, marked ‘Car Park Only’ and therefore use what has now become the middle lane of the roundabout (as the dotted white lines indicate) to exit into the left hand lane on Orange Street.
 You may use the right hand lane from Keighley Road to traverse the roundabout (i.e use the right NOT left or middle lane through the roundabout) and exit into the right hand lane of Orange Street (again the dotted lines will guide you) or to proceed around the roundabout, exiting to either Pellon Lane or Burnley Road. Drivers should, of course, signal appropriately and if turning right, change lanes, after passing the exit prior to the exit they wish to leave the roundabout at (as instructed in the Highway Code). It is also worth noting, there is a new set of traffic lights operating on Orange Street to control exit from the new multi storey car park. You should take account of the red light you may not be used to. I’ve seen this catch a few people out, despite them having been switched on for several weeks now!
There are also similar dotted white lines, providing tunnel like guidance for you no matter which direction you approach the roundabout from and which ever exit you wish to use. In fact, this roundabout is now one of the best for having guiding lines in our area. If you use them you might just get better at unlined roundabout skills too! If all of this is too complicated for you, maybe you should consider using the bus, rather than blowing your horn at or crashing into the motorist who IS in the correct lane, simply because you are too stupid to find the lines and proceed safely onto, through and out of the roundabout. It is not rocket science!

Lynne Oates