They are unable to think ahead

Highroadwell Lane


Do I understand from the recent articles in the Courier that we are being brainwashed into agreeing with the Councils decision to dispose of Northgate. With the amount of coverage given it makes one wonder if there is a collusion.

Is the Council not content with the buildings going up in Broad Street. Could they not have found space there to build the new shops they are yearning for, instead of duplicating the local bowling alley? Forget about the bowls, let Primark have their spot.

It appears the council are unable to think too many years ahead. How long have the Northgate premises been there, and the bus station? It would be interesting to know how much has been spent on maintainence in the last twenty years.

I remember the Woolshops development. They planned to build a large retail centre then ended up with a lot of small shops costing millions.

R Barlow