They must stamp out this madness

JUST what is our judiciary coming to?

I refer to a recent report in the Courier when a wagon driver was fined a paltry £200 for using a hand held mobile phone; this driver already had 12 points on his licence!

The Government and judiciary made the law that using a mobile phone while driving is illegal and will be punishable by points and a fine.

The Courier report highlighted the illegal use of mobile phones (Courier, March 9, 2011), 12 out of 100 drivers were spotted using mobiles illegally. I believe it’s a lot more.

Why don’t our police use video evidence?

They could set up a team dedicated to this mobile phone madness (MPM) and use cameras to catch and convict these idiots. As a PSV driver I see it every day, waggon drivers, taxi drivers, white van drivers, moms with kids in car and yes, bus drivers, etc, using mobiles.

Some blatantly using them, some pretending they aren’t using them.

But back to the beginning, a wagon driver with God knows how much tonnage on using a mobile (pure MPM).

I know how much more care and attention is required when driving a large vehicle. Do the judiciary? Obviously not!

It’s about time this MPM was stamped out, ie, car drivers minimum 10 points and minimum £200 fine; public service driver, HGVs, etc, minimum six month ban and unlimited fine and if it’s a company vehicle, loss of job (I don’t answer mine until I’m at my next destination).

I ask the reporter and her team to go out with the police and magistrates to highlight just how widespread MPM is. Also a death prevented is well worth the bans and fines.

If a death or injury is caused by MPM it should be classed as manslaughter or grievous bodily harm with intent.

Use all methods we can to stop this.

Would you like it on your conscience? I wouldn’t!

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive