They’ve put heart back into village

I grew up in Bank Top, Southowram well over 40 years ago where I enjoyed a childhood in a great caring community.

The place had pretty much everything; post office, library and chip shop to name just a few. Who could forget the famous George Holts pie shop. As I got older the two pubs became, well, a second home (some would argue my first).

On one of my return visits I found the Manor House had made way to housing and in February 2009 the Cock and Bottle closed and boarded up. My heart sank at the sight and realisation that it may never reopen. I was happy to hear some months later that the place had been bought by a local builder and was going to renovate and reopen.

So on arriving back in Southowram yesterday for a short visit it was open doors again for me at the Cock and Bottle. The place has been transformed and I enjoyed an evening last night which left me with that “very special feel good” feeling.

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all involved in bringing the pub back to life. For me you have re-started the heart of Bank Top, Southowram.

Nigel Jeffcock