Think big, better - and be controversial

The Piece Hall, The Library, The Orange Box – where is the Vision?

All of the plans for the development of these areas are insipid wastes of time and money.

Not one of them will bring in tourists or residents of Calderdale. There is no coherent thought between the different projects.

Get someone in to oversee the lot, be controversial, think big and think well. We don’t want the cookie cutter boxes that everyone else has we want something original that will be a talking point.

Make it so we have something people want to come and see. Why not open up the industrial museum again but expand it and bring in Bankfield Museum exhibits, open up a whole floor dedicated to teaching crafts, get locals crafts people involved, get local artists involved.

Make the Orange box a new place to see local artwork, put sculpture in the Piece Hall, bring in lecturers to Square Chapel to talk about exhibition pieces, history, art. Do what ever it takes to make it a thriving hub that people want to visit and represents Calderdale and its heritage and mix of people.

But please, please don’t give us this insipid watered down, grey and old fashioned hokum that is spilling out of the Town Hall

We deserve better, we want better. Now get out there and think better

Jacqui Harley