This plan will kill the town stone dead


We always understood that parking charges and yellow lines could not be used simply to accrue more money for a council. Indeed this was proved recently in a London Borough where the council was found guilty in court of doing just that.

These measures should be used to avoid congestion and prevent spaces being taken up for long periods. How then can this apply to the period between 6pm and 8pm when there is no congestion?

This extended period is NOT going to bring people into the town centre, which surely is the council’s aim, but help to kill it stone dead.

Every sort of entertainment will be affected; the restaurants (one has already closed and others will follow), the Victoria Theatre, Square Chapel, the Actors’ Workshop and the Playhouse will suffer as they all have 7.30pm starts.

These groups work hard to keep down prices so that they can continue, but this parking policy will be a cost that cannot be avoided.

The people presenting these shows need a long rehearsal period and will be paying a hefty amount when all the rehearsals are taken into account, but the chief worry is will the audiences continue to come?

We can understand the other measures in the proposed changes, but fail to see the need for the extra two hours apart from more cash for the council.

We hope that you will graciously recommend a withdrawal from this part of the scheme.

David and Marion Reynolds

Savile Glen

Love Lane


Hebden Bridge