This was a wicked production

Keighley Road

Hebden Bridge

I was disappointed to read Graham Robins’ review of Calderdale Theatre School’s production of ‘The Wicked Lady’.

I believe that it serves as a great injustice to the young actors and all those involved in the performance of Bryony Lavery’s adaptation of the original novel by Magdalen King-Hall. In fact, reading his comments, I wonder if we attended the same play.

The headline “Not as wicked as the post-war movie” added insult to injury. This production does not purport to be a ‘remake’ of the movie but rather Calderdale Theatre School’s interpretation of Lavery’s stage adaptation. The cast transported the audience into the dark, mysterious & sad life of Lady Skelton, without the trappings of intricate scenery and pre-recorded music. The minimalist staging, physical theatre, original music composed and played on stage by members of the cast, and excellent acting skills made it a night to remember. This view was supported by many other members of the audience to whom I spoke after the show.

I have been fortunate to attend many of Calderdale Theatre School’s productions over the past 20 years. For me, this will definitely be remembered as one of their finest.

Thank you, to all those involved for all the skills, effort and time you gave in providing a unique and enjoyable evening of theatre at its best.

Polly Gregg