This will revitalise the town

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Could I congratulate the Council on its decision to go ahead with the plans to revitalise the commercial core of Halifax?

Together with Broad Street, the Piece Hall and other developments, I believe it is possible to see the start of a real change in Halifax, making it a place which people will want to visit and where a growing economy will create jobs, especially for young people. The debate about the merits of the Council’s plans has been thorough, and in some circles, quite bitter, but I think the time is now ripe to move on and celebrate the energy and creativity of our town.
I have a suggestion to make which could be included in future plans for the centre. Could we have an information point in a central location where we can tell people of local achievements and remind about our history?
For example, there could be something about Calderdale College, or about the innovative work of the Elsie Whiteley Centre, plus a display to celebrate the success of local sports people.
I know that The Courier covers these topics, and that much of this information is on-line, but I feel we need something attractive and well-designed, to update locals and to inform visitors. Perhaps this could be designed into a future development and funded by a sponsor.

Robin Thomas

Sowerby Bridge.